Basarbovo Monastery Bulgaria 1/12

Basarbovo Monastery (Bulgarian: Басарбовски манастир) – the Monastery of Saint Dimitar Basarbowski – is a Bulgarian-orthodox cave monastery near the city of Ruse in north-eastern Bulgaria. It has the same name as the nearby village of Basarbovo and lies about 35 metres above the river Rusenski Lom, south of the Danube. Although founded during the Second Bulgarian Empire, the oldest written mention of the monastery dates to the 15th century in an Ottoman tax register. The monastery became famous in the 17th century after the death of St. Dimitar Basarbovski, whom St Paìsiy Hilendàrski talks about in the book “Istoriya Slavyanobolgarskaya “. St. Dimitar Basarbovski was a shepherd and led an ascetic life in the rocks of the monastery.


Source: Wikipedia

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