About us

Interactive Bulgaria Foundation started its activities in early 2015 with the Share Bulgaria project – a constantly evolving online interactive map offering access to high quality panoramic 360° visualizations of the Bulgarian natural, cultural and historical heritage. It was recognized and supported by the Presidental Institution of the Republic of Bulgaria and UNESCO Bulgaria, as well as a large Bulgarian technological company.

In 2016 – 2019 Interactive Bulgaria Foundation was the coordinator of the project “Interactive Education in 360°”, completed successfully under the “Erasmus+” Programme. For its quality and potential, the project received a special award by the National Erasmus+ Agency for Bulgaria – HRDC. The main output of the project was the educational platform iEDU, providing tools for developing VR lessons.

The development of the iEDU platform continues with the project “#ShareEurope: Sharing Interactive Education in Virtual and Mixed Reality” under the “Erasmus+” programme, again coordinated by IBF.

In 2020 the project “Game of Business: Simulation Environment for Entrepreneural Education” was launched under the “Erasmus+” Programme, coordinated by Interactive Bulgaria Foundation. The project is to be completed by 2023 and will offer a creative, attractive and practically oriented approach to encourage youth initiatives. The main objective of the project is developing an innovative OERs based method for entreprenueral training using state of the art technological solutions.

At the end of 2020, we decided to create the platform 360image.net as a source of high-quality 360° panoramas. Currently, its database comprises our best images from the Share Bulgaria project, complemented with new panoramas, specifically prepared for this site. The database will be updated constantly in order to best suit our clients’ needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any special requests or if you would like to join our team of 360° photographers.